Got a bad or low credit score?

or Do you have a low income SSI or Section 8?

This program is specially designed for the people with bad or low credit score who can't walk into bank or get a mortgage or even may have trouble getting into bank because of that bad credit score, if that's the case with you nothing to worry about we are here to help you. Get in touch with us and we can get you qualified for rent to own.

affordable houses for rent Beverly hills

So how the rent to own home program works?

What are the requirements?

  • Multiple numbers of Bedrooms & Bathrooms.
  • Single floor or Two Story houses.
  • Our job is to assure that the houses that we offer are in good & pristine condition, Meaning there is nothing to be fix neither repair, All ready for occupancy.
  • We offer houses for as low as $600 to $700 a month depending on the total price, location, availability
  • We are accredited by the better business bureau (BBB) & SEC.


  • Low credit score, Less than perfect credit or bad credit record.
  • Income of $1200 and up
  • Proof of banking transactions such as Debit Card, Checking account or Prepaid card.

Bad Credit Score?

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